I assume you’ve already seen this two-minute drug commercial (“Impeachara”).  And this one, for perfume, from Saturday Night Live (“Complicit”).

But did you know that 83% Of America’s Top High School Science Students Are The Children Of Immigrants? That one’s not a joke.

Not a joke either — the Republican push to forgo hundreds of billions of dollars in health care for the struggling in order to fund hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the rich.

Or Trump’s pledge to eliminate the alternative minimum tax — a move that, had it then been in effect, would have cut his own 2005 tax bill by 90%.

Or his plan to make America great again by slashing research — “Scientists Brace for a Lost Generation in American Research.”

Or to slash the EPA — because who really drinks water or breathes air any more? And why believe General Mattis when he calls climate change a national security threat?

How could any of this be happening? 

How could this man be president?

Did you read yesterday’s absolutely must-read story?*

That’s how.

Have you seen “Spamilton“?

Until this week, you could only see it in New York, but now you can see it in Chicago, too — and after reading this review, you will probably want to.  (Full disclosure: I get a few pennies if you do.)

Have a great weekend!

*No?  What is there about “must read” you don’t understand? (Here, insert a smiley face. You know I love you. But everyone needs to read this.)



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