Bill: ‘Two years ago I had an appendectomy with some complications (infection). My hospital stay was a week. My ‘uninsured’ total cost for surgery, the stay, the doctors, the meds, etc. was over $55,000. My ‘insured’ bill was $8580 (of which I paid 10%). My rudimentary math skills say the difference is greater than four times as much- more like six or seven times! This is simply ridiculous. What is a person without insurance to do? I could never pay a bill like that and I consider myself, while not wealthy, in very good financial standing. We exploit, though perhaps not intentionally, those least able to pay with the most outrageous bills! How stupid and callous is that? At least a person without the means to pay a $55,000 bill could file bankruptcy, right? Not any more. The new bankruptcy law makes it much harder to do, if at all.’


If you’re a Simpsons fan, click here. (Thanks, Alan!)

Now . . . take the rest of the day off. I am.


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