My pulse oximeter arrives May 1.  You need to read this, then buy one to share with your friends and family.  (Just wash your hands after each use.)  Every apartment building in America should have one in the mail room (beside a bottle of Purell) with an explanation of why/how to use it.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight” — I remember us all singing it before swim team practice, enhanced by the echo of the indoor pool.  On the off chance this new version has not yet hit your inbox, it is a must watch.

Thirty seconds on Trump shipping our PPE to China that you might want to watch and share.*  He trusted Xi, an autocrat, over his own intelligence agencies.  Just as he trusts Putin. And now, with that in mind . . .

Do The Two-Step

Step 1: Watch Barack.

Step 2: Click here.


*UPDATE: In one key respect, that ad turns out to have been misleading and unfair.  The Washington Post explains in detail.  But when I challenged them with this, the team behind the ad replied, “We believe the WaPo fact-checker got this one wrong. The claim that the US sent medical supplies to China in early February has been verified by TWO independent fact checking orgs, Snopes and PolitiFact and the Post’s own reporting. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself said the shipment was “under the direction of President Trump”. We’ve attached some more background that further supports the claims made in the ad.”  So, well, you be the judge.


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