Our last ill-qualified president ignored CIA warnings delivered to him days before his inauguration that Bin Laden was a “tremendous” “immediate” threat to our security . . . and then an August 2001 intelligence briefing titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US.”

Trump is even less qualified and not only ignores but mocks the intelligence community . . . not least for its having to delay his “hacking” briefing until today.  (Except that it was in fact scheduled for today all along.)

The only thing longer than his list of outrages is this list of Obama’s achievements.

(Actually, that’s not true.  The first list has 230 items; the second, just 50.)

But unless you’re truly bored or masochistic, ignore the first list. The things Republicans have said about him are all too true. No need to review; we seem to be getting fresh examples every day.

It’s the second list that’s worth reading.

Imagine how much longer it could have been if the Republican Congress had not made it their game plan from Day One to block virtually everything he tried to do, even if they had previously proposed it themselves.  (E.g., the deficit reduction commission they co-sponsored — but filibustered once he signed on.)

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