The ONLY plank in the Republican platform Trump changed was the one on Ukraine.  To make it more Russia-friendly.  Not a single other plank.  Just Ukraine.

You’ve likely seen clips of Tucker Carlson and Pompeo broadcast on Russian TV to bolster Putin.  Here’s a Lincoln Project clip noting the irony of that.

Why the Russians Are Struggling.

Fiona Hill on Putin:

. . . [W]hat happens in a Russian “all-of-society” war, you soften up the enemy. You get the Tucker Carlsons and Donald Trumps doing your job for you. The fact that Putin managed to persuade Trump that Ukraine belongs to Russia, and that Trump would be willing to give up Ukraine without any kind of fight, that’s a major success for Putin’s information war.  . . . We’ve been at war for a very long time. I’ve been saying this for years. . . .

The Russian people don’t want this, the oligarchs don’t want this, Russia’s soldiers don’t want it . . . no one wants it.  And now Switzerland has joined the fight!



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