You know Ben Stein? Matthew Broderick’s teacher in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’? (And a well known financial columnist, among other things?) We disagree on a lot, but I sure agree with him on this. It’s a good column to send loved ones this holiday season, especially if you plan on downsizing the largesse. (You got them a wide-screen TV last year, are getting them fluffy socks this year.)


You have the fluffy socks all packed and ready to go – it’s a fare you locked in months ago – and now you have the kind of winter cold that makes flying . . . landing, to be specific . . . really painful. You get this feeling just behind your ears, like someone is sticking an ice pick into the joint of your jaw and your ear gland (and didn’t they just make it legal again to carry ice picks on planes?). I know there are no such things as ear glands (are there?), but that’s how it feels. There is not enough Dentyne Ice in the world to keep you from breaking into a pain sweat as you approach the runway. OK? So click here. I’ve used them. To my surprise, they seem to work. At $6.50 each, you might even want to get a few extras as fluffy stocking stuffers. (Thanks, Elizabeth!)


If carrots have as much sugar as everybody says they do, how come they only taste sweet to horses? Is it like dogs being able to hear really high-pitched sounds we can’t? Think about it.

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