If you have two minutes and thirty-five seconds, this clip from “Saturday Night Live” will, I think, crystallize your thinking about the whole “transgender bathroom” issue some seem obsessed with.  Watch. People just need to relax a little.

(On an only vaguely related note, I had the opportunity to speak at a NYU Law School symposium on LGBTQIA equality last week — I had assumed the Q was “questioning” but it is apparently “queer” and I was a little embarrassed not to know what I and A were (intersex! asexual!*) — so I decided to make it LGBTQQIAJ.  And after using that term a couple of times to perplexed looks — now who was embarrassed? — I explained that the second Q was to reinstate questioning and that I’d added the J as a point of personal privilege.  “Just not all that good at it.”)

Have a great weekend.


You still haven’t seen Seth’s show?  (“Sikes may well be one of the saviors of the Great American Songbook as we continue into the 21st century.” –NY Arts Review)  If you’re in New York this Tuesday, join us — I got you a 50% discount off the cover charge (use code SSJUDY50 at checkout).  The food and drink are good, too.



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