Yes, of course I should have posted this at the beginning of the summer not the end, but it’s too good to wait until next summer . . . and some of you lay poolside — or ski — even in the winter . . . so watch this.  Short, surprising, persuasive.  You may find yourself beginning to wear sunscreen much more consistently.  Which would be smart.

(But could you please not use the spray-on kind?   First off, I hate breathing it in — so please apply it downwind from me, wont you? — and it could even be bad for you.  But also, did you notice that most of it just shoots off into the air?  How wasteful is that?)


John Leeds:  “It seems odd you never follow up about QCOR on your board.  Yes – I know you sold. But you usually update about any stocks that were tips. This one continued into a merger and closed up 80% or so from where you sold.  Why not tell your readers and keep them informed?”

☞ And while we’re at it, ITMN, that I gave up on three years ago, seems to be getting bought out at more than triple the price. It was up 20 points yesterday alone. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.




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