Time flies when you’re not too tidy.  I decided to wash the living room cushions — you just unzip them all, take off the covers, wash and allow to dry in the sun, then shove back the foam rubber, rezip.  Repeat every 25 years.  It really makes a difference.  Not ever having done this before, it seemed appropriate to vacuum the innards of the furniture on which the cushions sit.  In doing so, we discovered — “oh, look at this!” — a cell phone some guest must have lost here in summers past.  Well, it had to be somewhere.  Things don’t just vanish.  They can burn (converting matter to energy), but, as Lavoisier discovered, there are laws about such things.  (Have you looked under the bed?  Behind the dresser?)


I’m having so much fun with this.  I even got to write my own blurb for the Playbill.  Limited to 120 words, I used just 13 (but touched on investing, religion, and politics).  There are still discount tickets many days at TKTS, but as the house continues to build, they grow scarcer:

“Irresistible . . . delicious . . . wickedly funny” — the New York Times

“Hilarious! Michael Urie is masterful.” — New York Magazine

“Fantastically funny” — the New York Post

“A fantasy so delightful you wish it were true.” — the New Yorker

“Spectacular.  Beyond brilliant.  This show will go down like butta’!” –Entertainment Weekly

When the New York Times and the New York Post — and the New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly — all agree, it’s probably a good time.

See it!


The latest Borealis weekly investor email links to the huge Borealis prospectus issued in connection with the stock’s listing on the Prague Exchange (to date, no shares have traded) and notes that grand-sub WheelTug (sub of Chorus Motors, sub of Borealis) is upping the price of shares it is selling privately —  from the most recent offering price of $90 to a hoped-for $180.  The 2013 Borealis annual report shows “profit from sales in  subsidiary companies” at nearly $8.5 million.




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