Your comments on yesterday‘s wind-power clip tomorrow (or soon).

Today, The Story of Stuff, if you haven’t already seen it . . . a life-changing 20 minutes.

Don’t be put off by how simplistic and one-sided it may seem, how left-leaning (if you yourself happen to lean right), or the possibility that some of the numbers used are at the high ends of their range. (Chances are that whatever may be exaggerated now will soon be accurate if we don’t act.)

There is much good to be said of the modern corporate world, free trade, and the like. You won’t see it said here.

But if you care about your kids’ future, you’ll watch it anyway – and get them to watch it.

At the very least, you will learn things. I did. Did you know that for every garbage can of stuff we put out at the curb, 70 cans of garbage had to be disposed of to make the stuff that became your one garbage can of stuff?


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