How to build a Tesla Model S — in five minutes.  (Thanks, Glenn!)

Mike Martin: “The United States had CDC scientists inside China. The global pandemic emerged just months after Trump removed the expertise the world counted on to prevent it.”

From the Los Angeles Times:

. . . Trump has scored a dubious achievement: Alone among recent presidents, he has drawn criticism from all his living predecessors, Carter, Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama.

His brawl with Obama has been brewing for years. Long before Trump launched his 2016 campaign, he claimed falsely that the first African American president wasn’t born in the United States.

Candidate Trump said Obama was “perhaps the worst president” in history. He blamed Obama for a long list of purported sins, from the 2015 deal that successfully rolled back Iran’s nuclear program to allegedly being responsible for Trump’s own failure to deploy widespread testing for the coronavirus.

The surprise is how rarely Obama responded. But now, it appears, his gloves are coming off.

After Trump alleged Monday that his predecessor had committed crimes but refused to tell reporters what they were, Obama issued an instant and acid response: “When even [Trump] can’t explain his own conspiracy theory, you know the White House has fallen on tough times.”

Meanwhile . . . want to spend 4 minutes seeing what he’s been cooking up on the South Side of Chicago?

I checked the market yesterday and noticed that — barely an hour into the trading day — PRKR had dropped 10%, from 50 cents to 45 cents.  This kind of thing doesn’t flap me much; the obscure stocks I tend to favor bounce around. But out of curiosity I did go to check the volume: it had fallen on 7,356 shares.  About $3,500 worth.  I tell you this by way of saying . . . “ignore the noise.”   If Apple were to drop 10% in an hour, there would be a reason.  (Apple had in fact dropped half a percent, on $2.5 billion worth of trades.)  But if one of our little special situations plunges, the “reason” is likely, “Beth needed cash for a new refrigerator.”

Richard Bingler:  “You are SO right about After Life! Thanks for recommending it.”

Here’s what they’re apparently doing in China.  (If nothing else, the kids are adorable.)

Have a great weekend.

Remember all those who died fighting for democracy.

May they not have died in vain.



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