Debra: ‘You’ve changed my life by recommending My total daily commute time with walking to the station and waiting for and riding the train is on average three hours a day. Most of that time it is impossible to read because I am either in motion or the train is so crowded I can’t even scratch my own nose. Now I am listening to books on my Otis player! Fabulous!’

☞ Great to hear (so to speak).

Micah: ‘With the fuss over giving out an email address (yesterday’s column), I thought you might suggest to your readers that they maintain an email address specifically for registering for things that they really don’t want to. It’s easy enough to create an address at yahoo or hotmail that you can use only for such cases (such as this message to you :).

☞ Several others recommended just putting in a bogus e-address.

Jonathan Betz: ‘For your readers who don’t want to give away their email address: The SneakEmail service gives you a way to create email addresses that get forwarded to your real email address, so you never have to give out the real address. If you’re registering with a web site you don’t trust, you just ask SneakEmail for a new address. You give that address to the web site, and then anything they send gets forwarded to your real email account. If you decide you don’t want to receive mail from them any longer, you can disable the address through SneakEmail, and the mail stops coming.’

Dave Neal: ‘I’m sure you read Timothy Egan’s column about states budgets. I can’t believe what bush told the governors: ‘It’s because we went through a recession and we’re at war…’ that the federal government can’t come to states’ aid. What about his tax cuts? Heaven help us.’


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