I’ll bet you can’t name all eight reindeer and the seven dwarfs.  I sure couldn’t.

On Blitzen, on Prancer and Bambi and Dancer!  I knew there were Dopey and Sneezy and Needy and Wheezy — but “Doc”?  How could a “Doc” have gotten in there.   And did you know that Rudolph is not one of the eight?

But I digress.

Nicholas Kristof — neither a reindeer nor a dwarf but a mensch — writes for the thriving, indispensable New York Times.  He offers a giving guide for the man or woman who has everything — in a world where so many have naught.  Deworm a child for 50 cents?  Give a family a flock of chicks for $20?  He makes great suggestions.

Or how about this?  Give the New York Times itself!

Have you noticed?  The days are getting longer!  (Eat your heart out, Argentina.)  Summer’s in the air!

Merry Christmas!



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