JS Hereford: ‘You write, ‘The McCain ad I saw here in Denver yesterday said . . . ‘Obama: Ready to raise your taxes, but is he ready to lead? I’m John McCain and I approved this message.’ How far John McCain has fallen. This ad is grossly deceptive, at best. Obama stands ready to LOWER most people’s taxes, not raise them. (See the difference?)’ I notice you didn’t address the issue of, ‘is he ready to lead.’ Is it because Biden and the Clintons have asked the same question?’

☞ I stuck with the part that was objectively wrong and dishonest. With regard to the second part, McCain is welcome to ask the question he asks. That’s fair. (And the answer in my view is ‘yes,’ insofar as anyone is ready for this job – particularly as compared with McCain.)

Marc Goldberger: ‘You have got to be kidding me…..don’t both sides do this in every election from dog catcher to president? In this case…I find it funny because it’s NOT misleading…In general Obama will try to raise taxes more than McCain would. But the real issue is not who will raise taxes or for whom but rather should we now be raising taxes AND why…..that’s the real issue…Sad to see you becoming more and more political as Nov nears..It’s a real turn off and I might have to pass on your thoughts until after the elections.’

☞ If the Straight Talk Grocery Store charged more than its competition for everything except lobster and filet mignon – but advertised that it was the lower priced store, would you really consider that straight talk? And an ad like that exempt from criticism? I guess we just disagree on this one. But please don’t suspend your subscription.

As to whether we should be raising taxes now, maybe not (although please be clear that we are poised to add three-quarters of a trillion dollars to our national debt in just the coming 12 months alone – it may not be a good idea, or moral, to keep borrowing from our children’s future).

Bit leaving that aside, Obama plans to REDUCE taxes on most folks. So the net result would not be an economy killer.

He is a very smart guy, advised by other very smart guys. Like Buffett, Volcker, Rubin and Summers. I feel a lot more comfortable with that than with Phil Gramm’s being the architect of McCain’s plan. (You know Gramm – the one who says the so-called economic ‘hard times’ are just in our heads – that we’re a nation of whiners. In some ways, I suppose quite a few of us are whiners. But the hard times are real -and headed for realer.

So while we’re at it . . .


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