Friday’s post on “fairness” — What Do Democrats Stand For? — prompted Mike Martin to respond from Phoenix with a different F word.

“The Democratic Party,” he writes, “is the party of the future. The Republican party is the party of the past.

“The Democratic party favors addressing climate change because it threatens the future. We favor policies that increase free public education and free public childcare because young people are the future. We tax the rich because they represent past successes that should now help pay for the future. We favor environmental protections and anti-pollution regulations because they protect the future. We believe in creativity and innovation as the way to build the future.

“In almost every case, when there are differences between Democrats and Republicans the difference is whether to embrace the future or protect the past. Democrats support science because that is the gateway to the future. Democrats support diversity because the future requires that people with different perspectives work together for the common good.

“Democracy is fundamentally the idea of giving everyone the opportunity to forge a bright future.

“When I was in the Marines, the cliche was to ‘seize the high ground.’  Democrats should seize the future as their high ground, as what they value and what they seek to protect. C.P. Snow writing in The Two Cultures described one of the cultures as ‘they have the future in their bones.’  Democrats must become known as the party that, regardless of the issue or policy, has the future in its bones.  We need to explain every issue, every policy, every position, in terms of the future.”

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