Recovered from the tryptophan?  Five things for you today, the first two courtesy of the estimable Less Antman:

1. A way to refinance student loans cheap if your credit is good or prospects bright (know any recent MBA’s, MD’s, or JD’s?):

2. A way to find the credit card deal that best suits you:

3. A complete — free — suite of personal finance calculators:

4. My review of Allegiance, on Broadway:  A moving, funny, important show.  We really did this to 120,000 Japanese Americans, each of whom, upon release, got reparations of $25 and a bus ticket.  Star Trek’s George Takei — who was five when his family was forced to live in horse stables while awaiting relocation from Los Angeles to Arkansas or Wyoming — does a lovely job anchoring the production.

[This] rousing new musical has an original book, original score, and fresh, original ideas—qualities so unusual in a market overcrowded with stale revivals that attention must be paid. See it and cheer. — New York Observer.

5. My review of King Charles III on Broadway: Fascinating and terrific.  (“Flat-out brilliant,” echoes the New York Times.*) With just 73 performances left in its limited run, they should film it for PBS and also, somehow, Hellen Mirrin’s now-closed The Audience.  Then air them back to back, first hers and then his.  Queen Elizabeth during her long and glorious reign shown in her weekly audience with the prime minister — there have been so many! — and then King Charles III (aka Prince Charles, widower to Lady Diana, dad to William and Harry) in his first audience as his mother has, in the playwright’s conception, finally left the stage and  . . . well, try to see it.  Shakespeare himself might have thought it not half bad.

*They saw it first but I still think they’re echoing me.



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