West Virginians are more reliant on government handouts (if you want to characterize them that way, which I normally wouldn’t, but as Republicans like to do)  than the citizens of any other state.

Maybe Senator Manchin will find a way to explain to his constituents why continuing to get this help, so they can feed their kids — and perhaps getting even more of it — is something to favor, not scuttle.

And because he cares about the deficit, maybe he should drop his resistance to taxing the ultra-rich, many of whom pay little or no federal income tax.

Speaking of which, from Facebook:

For more on Senator Manchin’s constituents:  Sen. Joe Manchin’s position on Build Back Better reflects the reality of West Virginia politics.  The last line is hopeful.

Part of the Senator’s problem is an apparent lack of concern in West Virginia over the desertification of California, the submergence of Florida and Louisiana, and monster tornados in Kentucky.

But at the end of the day, I think it’s a mistake for West Virginians or anyone else to gamble with the habitability of the planet, even if the floods, fire, and whirlwind spare West Virginia at first.

So here’s what I found amazing about SNL’s COVID-accommodating Christmas Show this past Saturday:  A climate-change sketch re-run from 30 years ago.

Thirty years!

Tax the rich.  Tax carbon.  Enjoy a FireBuzz.  Have a great day.




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