Know any smokers?

Turns out — and this came as a surprise to a guy who wrote a little book about how addictive nicotine is — it’s easy to quit.  Click here to buy a copy of Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking.  And be sure to read the customer reviews — 543 five-stars, 31 four-stars, 27 three-stars, and only 23 two- or one-stars.

One of its more famous fans, Ellen DeGeneres, blurbs: “Everyone who reads this book stops and I stopped.”

Well, not everyone does.

But most do.

I’ve bought more than a dozen to give as gifts.

At $13.27, it sure beats buying someone socks.


Drew B.:  “My tickler file awoke on the ROIC warrants … nicely humming along at $2.85, up ten-fold from where you suggested it. It was a great ride…..but its coming to an end in about three weeks. Perhaps I missed the post, but time to sell, or convert?”

☞ I’d sell.  Wasn’t this fun?



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