You don’t think Americans can be fooled by the KGB or a circus barking sociopath into thinking crazy things?  Or even just by a clever prankster like the one I wrote about who made the shed in his back yard London’s #1-rated restaurant even though it existed for just one night and served frozen dinners.

Look at the crazy things Sean Hannity and his viewers believe — that Fox News itself debunks.

Look at what the QAnon nuts at Trump rallies believe — I’ll bet you didn’t know Trump and Mueller are secretly working together to take down a shadowy cabal of pedophiles that includes Obama, Clinton, and Tom Hanks.

It would be vaguely funny if Trump were not in fact President and Putin were not in fact attacking us — and winning.

People can be fooled.  Consider this very fun magic act (thanks, Mel!).

Do you believe this guy has supernatural powers?  No, like Trump, he’s just scamming you. The rather important difference being that everyone knows the magician is just doing an act . . . he makes no claims that he alone can fix it, or that he’ll get you great health care for a tiny fraction of the cost.  He’s just trying to entertain you, not destroy our democratic institutions.


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OMG, OMG, OMG — the new season of Better Call Saul starts tonight.  (Tomorrow night, if you’re reading this Sunday.)



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