1. After 500 years of 3% inflation, $100,000 will be worth 4 cents.
  1. “The guy who invented playing cards was brilliant. But the guy who invented chips was a genius.” – Ricky Jay (himself a genius)
  1. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on a person’s last few months of life is compassionate – but spending. Spending tens of thousands of dollars to improve a person’s first few years of life is also compassionate – but investing.
  1. “A man who says he is willing to meet you half way is usually a poor judge of distance.” – Anonymous
  1. “This fishing tackle manufacturer I knew had all these flashy green and purple lures. I asked, ‘Do fish take these?'” “‘Charlie,’ he said, ‘I don’t sell these lures to fish.'” – Berkshire Hathaway’s Charles T. Munger, as quoted in Fortune
  1. THE LIMITS OF EXPERTISE: “Years ago my father was told the refrigerator was broken beyond repair. After the repairman left, my father kicked it, it started, and worked fine for eight years.” – my friend Mary O’Neil



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