Friday’s column was titled A Video You Must See, but 93% of you were so traumatized by the real estate item that preceded it, you never got that far.

So . . . today, 6 minutes:

  • That 4-minute clip showing how Fox misleads its viewers.

If the trailer grabs you, you can watch the movie with Warren Buffett this Thursday night at any one of 400 movie theaters around the country. Click here for details.

Not mentioned in this two-minute trailer is that 85% of America’s National Debt – red ink accumulated since 1776 – was racked up under Republican administrations . . . mainly: Reagan, Bush, and Bush . . . or that John Sidney McCain III offers us more of the same, vowing to make the tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy permanent, at the expense of our children.

Tomorrow: Louis Vuitton, Charles Nolan, and Chanel


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