Friday, I noted that the Amazing Randi is retiring and offered a link to this amazing photo and the accompanying New York Times profile.  I can’t wait for “An Honest Liar” come to the US and have already pre-ordered my copy.  Watch the trailer!  (Two minutes.)  But also watch the completely different 2-minute video embedded in the New York Times piece.  And these two minutes, where Penn & Teller credit Randi with creating their partnership.  (Teller, he don’t say much.)

If you’ve been with me for a while, you may recall that I described 15 years ago how Randi and I had once used our combined mental powers to cause a stationary Bic pen to fall off my desk from a distance of ten feet away.  And how to astound bartenders all over town.


Meanwhile, when IMDB saw I was scoping out “An Honest Liar,” its algorithm volunteered that I might like “Art and Craft,” about an art forger.  Judging from the trailer, I almost surely will, and you may, too.  (Should either of us not have 90 minutes to watch the whole thing, we’ll probably get 80% of it from the trailer.)



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