“Actually you blew it again. Emily Litella went into a long diatribe about ‘what’s so special about Soviet jewelry’ … finally told the big deal was about ‘Soviet Jewry,’ she said never mind.” — Brooks Hilliard


Robert Verzi: “I like 10K Wizard much better than Edgar for finding and viewing 10K reports. It’s got a very powerful search function. You can search for 10K reports that contain certain keywords. I’ts much easier to print and save the files than on Edgar. What do you expect from the government anyway? Please try it out and maybe you can add it to your list.”


Jane Smith: “I ran into this site last month when it was featured on Channel 3, Good Evening Arizona, and I am hooked to it ever since. It is part of my routine to check the deals on it once a day. It is at www.a2zDeals.com. In the short time I have been visiting, I have saved a lot of money through some great deals, like the one for getting Turbo Tax, Quicken 2000 completely free, and actually GETTING $6 for buying them. Also there was Lexmark Z11 ($92 actual price) for $1.99, and Cannon 620U scanner ($130 original) not just free but with free $4. See what you think!”


Me: Anyone interested in learning new tricks might bookmark learn2.com. One horrifying thing I learned there is that it’s cheap and easy to make candles yourself. Oh, no! Those of you who bought stock in one of the candle companies I referred to here last week, and who may have thought the only high-tech threat to candles were, say, light bulbs, now see we have a whole new-economy threat to our ticker flicker: the Internet-enabled do-it-yourself candle maker. You can also find instructions, on this site, for mixing cement, writing a speech . . . I may even try to get them to add a 2torial (as they call them) for Cooking Like a Guy™.


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