[Today is a stock-market holiday.  I may take Monday off instead.  Just saying.]


If you missed Nate Silver’s analysis, it’s here.  A few states, like Mississippi will still not have marriage equality by 2020, but most will.


A year ago, in this space: “Some time ago I suggested warrants that now bear the symbol ROICW. For example, here, August 11, 2009 (last item on the page), at 27 cents. Closing last night at 91 cents, they’ve more than tripled. But this from Barron’s suggests it could pay to hold on. The warrants could perhaps even triple again before they expire October 23, 2014. (Still: sell enough to recoup your original investment?)”

Now, at $2, there’s reason to think it may have further to go.  Enjoy.


Allen Brand:  “Given what often appears to be your optimistic view of the future and its technology, you might appreciate this link, if you haven’t seen it yet:  Multi-Purpose Wonder Can Generate Hydrogen, Produce Clean Water and Even Provide Energy.”

Science fiction? Hardly, and there’s more — It can also desalinate water, be used as flexible water filtration membranes, help recover energy from desalination waste brine, be made into flexible solar cells and can also double the lifespan of lithium ion batteries. With its superior bacteria-killing capabilities, it can also be used to develop a new type of antibacterial bandage.

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, led by Associate Professor Darren Sun have succeeded in developing a single, revolutionary nanomaterial that can do all the above and at very low cost compared to existing technology. . . .

Oh, boy, oh  boy.  If we can just get from here to there without doing anything catastrophically stupid in the meantime (though with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un talking, what could go wrong?), the future — not least for the Singaporeans — should be so wonderfully bright.

The central thing?  Time to invest in the future, not slam on the brakes.


All a deer has to do is jump out of the way.  But no.  Headlights!  THUD.

All we have to do is grab 30-year money at ultra-low interest rates and put millions of unemployed to work modernizing our crumbling national infrastructure.  This would jump start our economy; shrink our deficit; reinvigorate millions of families; assure our long-term competitiveness and prosperity; and save a fortune in the long run, because (speaking here as the Georgia Tech engineer I am not) it costs so much less to maintain a bridge than to deal with its collapse.  So much less to get kids off to a good start than, one day, bear the costs of their failure.  And so on.  Will someone please tell the Tea Party?  Tell Mitch McConnell?  Tell that idiot Paul Ryan?


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