Cal Hullihen: “As a follow-up to your video on Solar Panels in Pavement, I was really impressed by this video clip of what Cool Planet Biofuels is doing. Additionally, the work that Shai Agassi is doing with battery powered vehicles.”

☞ This is all so hopeful. We really can get to energy independence and sustainability. Cool Planet Biofuels plans to put container-size “biofractionator” near the corncobs that would otherwise be plowed under and convert them, instead, to gasoline and carbon fertilizer. The cost, they say, would be well below today’s gasoline price; and the process actually takes carbon out of the air, “sequestering” it in the soil.

So it’s a matter of (a) funding/deploying new technologies like this, and their successors (which the Department of Energy is encouraging); (b) getting from here to there; (c) learning to live with each other, as a species, to share the prosperity.


Yesterday’s press release highlighted the riskiness of this speculation. (“EMIS may absolutely lose every penny you invest,” I wrote last week, “but Guru thinks the risk/reward at $1.25 is good. If you have profits in some of his other suggestions, maybe take a little for a small gamble here?”)

Guru notes: “Yes, EMIS is about out of money. They’ve been this way for a year. Supposed to be just on the verge of a B12 partnership – but not yet as you see in the press release. Data on Phase III calcitonin for osteoporosis is out next year. Meanwhile, the stock is likely to remain under pressure. A sad tale of misused resources. The published data suggest the osteoporosis trial should show good results – with all the usual caveats. We know calcitonin is an effective product for osteoporosis. Their data indicate that they are giving doses orally that are at or above the injected doses that work [and most people would prefer a pill to a shot]. Owning the stock here is like owning an out-of-the-money option. Most expire worthless, but some don’t.”


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