Here’s Michael Chabon’s compelling take on why Jews who still support Trump are not thinking clearly.

So should Gary Cohn and other competent Jewish members of the Trump administration leave?

Along with — for that matter — non-Jewish members equally appalled by his bullying vulgarity, instability, dishonesty, and incompetence?

Here, from Axios, is Why They Stay — and why it’s good that they do.  (Executive summary: we need competent, stable people doing their best to limit the damage.  “You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill.”)

That said, for non-essential high-profile people — like the business advisory councils, and members of the arts and religious advisory councils — to quit, and/or speak out . . . that tide should only pick up steam.

The sooner Trump declares victory and resigns — congratulating himself on having accomplished more in a mere 10 months (say), than any other president accomplished in a full eight years, fulfilling the mandate of the largest electoral victory since Reagan’s, cheered on by a larger throng on the Mall than even the possibly illegitimate Obama (Trump sent investigators to Hawaii “and you won’t believe what they’re finding”) — the sooner he can get back to overseeing the routine audit of his income taxes and not having any business ties to Russia.

In case you missed it, Frank Bruni argues Trump has already resigned.



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