Back in Arkansas, the Clintons lost $30,000 (of their own money) in Whitewater.  Trump — while President — has directed millions (of our tax dollars) to himself.

Kenneth Starr was hired in both cases — to impeach Clinton and defend Trump.

Violation of the “emoluments” clause is just one of several additional “articles” the House could have brought but did not.  If the Senators are true to their oath — which, sadly, few expect them to be — Adam Schiff’s magnificent introduction yesterday made clear the two articles they did bring are enough.

If the Republican senators violate their oath, as people assume they will, it’s more evidence democracy is dying, bit by bit.  Here’s another example: the decline of locally-owned radio stations that accompanies the decline of local newspapers and tightens the grip of the top tenth of one percent.

Just 162 Billionaires Have The Same Wealth As Half Of Humanity.  It’s not “radical” to think the pendulum has swung too far.   Yet Republicans keep wanting to push it further.  To eliminate the estate tax, for example.

We have a chance to lean against that pendulum and start it swinging back toward a more sensibly shared prosperity 285 days from now.  But early voting starts sooner, and early organizing, thanks to your support, is already underway.





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