This was the story last week about the real estate dispute. “My father told the same story set in NYC. He insisted that the second encroacher was required to tear down his or her building. My father would believe anything about lawyers.” — Erik Sten

“The irony here is that the disputed 1/2-inch between the two houses could qualify as a studio apartment in Manhattan and would probably rent for about $1400 per month in the West Village.” — Nick Corman


“Is it ok to buy one new car per lifetime? I have always bought used ones, and had only paid a total of $5,500 for all the used cars I ever had, until this year, at age 47, I bought my first brand new one. Over a lifetime, doesn’t that represent a major savings and make it ok? Yours, guiltriddenly” — Nicole Ferentz

It’s okay, Nicole! It’s okay!

“Here’s another way to save money — buy a NEW car. The last two cars I purchased were the previous year’s model — still new and on the lot — after the new models had shown up. They were discounted about 33% off the sticker price, about the same as a one year old used car. Mine still had the full factory warranty, no miles AND that new car smell.” — Mike Elwood



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