Brief bulletin from . . . MY FIRST CRUISE EVER:

Just climbed a waterfall in Jamaica.  Aboard with 400 VERY liberal liberals.  I am the  right-winger compared to most.  Tomorrow (today, as you read this), some of us will draw attention to Cayman Islands tax avoidance.  Had my first mangosteen.  Had dinner with an MSNBC hero.  Horrified by the cost of Internet connection. Gotta go.


Up smartly yesterday (finally!); Guru says to take our profits. I’m selling.


 John Leeds:  “I had an interesting surprise a few months ago. I called a guy I hadn’t talked with in 10 years and a woman answered.  She said she knew him but wouldn’t tell me his number but said she’d pass the message on. About a week later a woman called me whom I didn’t know.  Looking back, I realized it was the woman I had spoken with. It was him — now her.  She’s got a boyfriend in Canada and hopes to move there soon.  Even before my recent experience I had realized I have much to learn to embrace the concept of transgender and to allow my compassion and empathy rule the day, not my reaction to differentness.  She is very much like he was.  But calmer.  Really more evolved.  She says part of it is the different hormonal balance.”




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