Okay, so Charles and I got to go to the opening of the Clinton Library yesterday, and felt very privileged to be there. But you, thanks in small but real part to the funding Al Gore championed in Congress to develop the Internet . . . you get to be there without having to fly to Little Rock, without the mandatory three-day minimum at every hotel in town, without having to wait in the enormously long lines to get through the magnetometers (the presence of one sitting and three former presidents makes the Secret Service nervous), without having to sit in the cold rain in a suit and tie from 8:45am until 11:30am when it really started (note for future reference: it is best to get rainproofed with ponchos, pullovers, Holiday Inn towels, etc., before the rain starts, because once it does, and holding an umbrella with one hand, it is more than difficult to start rearranging things – like, might it be a good idea to put this windbreaker on over the suit but under the plastic garbage bag? Well, maybe, but it’s way too late now . . . and even getting the garbage bag over your shoes would require hands, one of which is by now deep inside the clear plastic saran wrap, and the other, holding the umbrella, longs to be – and every time you stand for an ovation, your seat gets wet, but how can you not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or to cheer the arrival on stage of President Clinton?), and without spending the entire time feeling as if you’re listening to it on the radio under a cold shower (because all you can see are the umbrellas in front of you).

All you have to do to watch or read the speeches, to take a 5-minute virtual tour of the library, and much else, is click here.

As always, President Clinton’s remarks made all the inconveniences disappear.

So it’s fine with me to amend the Constitution to allow naturalized citizens like Arnold to run for President – why limit our choices? – but the same amendment should reword the 22nd amendment to prevent a president only from serving more than two consecutive terms. If you catch my drift. Couple those two changes, and you could actually get momentum from both sides to pass it.


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