Yikes.  Not sure I’d want to get in this woman’s way.  But hats off to her.

I think the difference is that where she is boiling mad — and rightly so — I am too fortunate, live too well, to be boiling mad.  For me, it’s more dismay than anger.  Deep sadness at seeing the American Century end; our leadership forfeited; our infrastructure crumble; the top 0.1% poised to become even richer at the expense of the middle class and poor.

Plus fear that our precious democracy, that “city on the hill,” could be lost at the hands of a deeply unhinged narcissist who frequently read from a book of Hitler’s speeches that he kept by his bedside.

But if I faced “real people problems,” as I sense this woman does?  Like worrying about how to feed my family?  Well, I might be every bit as volubly enraged.  Watch what she has to say.

Ron Sheldon: “Re your ‘fantasy‘ — would you accept the reverse order? That George and Barack recommend to the Court Mitt Romney and Joe Biden as interim president and vice president?”

☞ Sure.  Although that seems a little odd, since — even WITH the Russian attack — the Democrat got more votes than any Republican in history.  But if that’s what George and Barack decide, who am I to argue.

 Eugene Robinson asks in the Washington Post: what if lifelong-Republican Robert Mueller nails Trump and the Republican Congress decides not to do anything about it?  If the President and Republican National Committee will support a credibly-accused child molester for the Senate . . . even as the President works to tear down trust in the free press and in the FBI and in the courts . . . who is to say he couldn’t (say) walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody without being removed from office?

And now back to sitting on the edge of my seat to see what the good people Alabama — and there are loads of them — decide.



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