MONDAY: Bill H. me-mailed: “First read your works in the Nineties. It had a fantastic effect and I would like to thank you!  We’ve managed to save about $750K and I’m 45 with two kids. Question: I’m beginning to feel like managing all the investments / planning / strategies (SEP, 401Ks, Roths, 529s, etc, insurance, taxes, mortgage, etc) is becoming a little over my pay grade and time requirement. Do you have any recommendations for the next appropriate steps. Books, managers, etc?”

> Yesterday was pub. date of the new edition, so [shameless self-promotion ON] I’d love you to blow $9.99 on the Kindle version or $11.13 on some wood pulp to see if it helps.  If you feel you need a human, consider the asterisk blinking below at right, next to “Ask Less.”  It leads you to a site that, in turn, leads you to this offer of his services.  I’ve known Less a long time and doubt he will accept your $3,000 if you don’t need those services.  (Think what you could do with $3,000!  Are you sure you can’t do this yourself?)  But it can’t hurt to give him a call.

TUESDAY: I sent this to my few thousand closest friends:

From: Andrew Tobias
Sent: April 26, 2016 2:19 PM
Subject: two money things

  1. Pls buy my book – eleven bucks! – new edition just out today. (A great graduation gift. Buy three!)
  1. On page 249, I show how much better investors do under Democrats – as I do here: $41,380 vs $575,324!

Forward THAT to your moderate Republican friends.  If they have even an ounce of greed in their bodies, they’ll vote our way.

Thanks, as always.


PS – We really really need your help funding the core functions on which all our candidates rely – the tech platform, the 180-million name voter file, the $7,500 we send your state party and 49 others each month, the Convention everyone assumes we will hold and televise 12 weeks from now but don’t yet have the money to do.  I need 1% of your net worth, or as close to that as you can come.  Like a lobster claw, it will grow back in a few months – but you’ll have saved the Court for the next 30 years, and possibly the habitability of the planet (currently the only one available to us).  Click here.

WEDNESDAY (today): I promise not to ask you to buy or give anything for the rest of the week.



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