He says he’d keep the popular parts of Obamacare, like covering people with pre-existing conditions, but in fact he would not.  Read it here.


Chuck McLean:  “I have responded to almost all of your requests to send more money to Obama, based on my fragile returns from stocks that you have recommended over the years.  Now it is time for payback.  . . .  I live in a battleground state, Virginia, and for your readers who don’t, you can’t imagine the deluge of political ads that we have had.  I am watching the Orioles game right now, and two of the three ads between innings were from Romney.  We must keep Virginia firmly in the purple column (blue is asking for way too much). . . . First of all, I want your readers to send money to Wayne Powell.  He is running against Eric Cantor.  Do I think he can actually win?  It is an uphill battle – but, he has been upbeat, he is clearly more qualified in every single way to represent his district in Virginia, and I can promise you that he is not phoning it in. C-Span will be carrying his debate against Cantor live at 7 PM next Monday, October 1.  Do you believe in miracles?  I try to.  I can’t send Wayne anymore money, and it is killing me.  I hope your readers can step up. . . . Second, we cannot allow the R’s to take the senate.  The contest in Virginia between Tim Kaine and George Allen is very, very close.  This is a D seat, being vacated by Jim Webb, and we simply cannot allow Allen to take it.  Step up, folks.


Juan:  “ lets Florida voters check their voter registration information as well as request an absentee ballot. Expect very long lines for voting in Florida (vote absentee!) since the legislature has placed 11 very complicated constitutional amendments that will make the ballots very long. (Vote NO on all the amendments, vote YES on retaining all the Supreme Court Justices; Vote Democrat from Obama down the line).”


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