A lot of you may already have gotten this from a friend, but if not — or if you haven’t acted on it yet — click here to go to PlanetRx and get three free products of your choice. (Well, there’s $3.95 shipping.) When you do, I’m supposed to get frequent flier miles. And if enough people click here, I might actually be one of four Grand Prize Winners who get 25,000 miles — enough for a coach ticket anywhere in the US. Even Kansas.

Like an idiot, I told you about this free stuff (and some other free stuff) in my July 1 column, before I knew about this. If you clicked over to PlanetRx from that column, sure, you got your free stuff, but I got nothing.

But now, if you click here, it’s Topeka here I come.

(The rules say I’m not supposed to post this on a bulletin board, or some public forum. But this is my web site, and you guys are old friends by now, so I hardly think this is cheating. If it is, I’m sure they’ll disallow me, but you’ll still get your free stuff.)

Some of you were wondering how I would get paid for this daily column? Do I sell subliminal banner ads you just can’t see? Am I secretly sponsored by the Used Car Dealers of America? By the Anti-Tobacco Lobby? No . . . I was just waiting for a deal like this to come along.

Anyway, click here, get your free stuff, and if I win, I’ll send you a postcard.


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