Dancing robots.  If you’re not yet among this two-year-old video’s 38 million viewers, treat yourself.

Self-healing concrete.  A 2000-year-old breakthrough.

If only Champlain Towers had been built with this.

Self-healing robots.  On their way to becoming conscious?

“This is not just another research question that we’re working on — this is the question,” he said. “This is bigger than curing cancer. If we can create a machine that will have consciousness on par with a human, this will eclipse everything else we’ve done. That machine itself can cure cancer.”

ChatGPT.  I’ve saved the most stunning for last.

It plays right into a refrain I’ve long been singing: that after 200,000 years, we humans are now living through what will either be the last hundred or two before we hurtle off the rails into extinction . . . or  else the dawn of all but unimaginable prosperity and (voluntary) immortality.  See, e.g., Homo Deus.

It behooves us not to screw it up.



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