You absolutely don’t want to miss this TED talk.

You will learn why we age, and how you might extend your “health span.”

This is not hokum: this is Nobel-prize-winning science combined with wisdom and grace.

Your readership extends my telomeres.

Seriously: don’t miss this one.  It’s fascinating, wise, and free.

The tax bill, meanwhile — horrifying, unwise, and a trillion dollars shy of being free — passed the Senate before it could even be typed, let alone read.

Does Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski still think the Senate is “earning back its reputation as ‘the world’s greatest deliberative body’?”

Just because she got a provision added that opens the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling?

That gets her vote for this dreadfully wrong-headed tax bill?

These would be such great days to be alive (today: telomeres! tomorrow: Mars!) had Putin — who murders journalists and political opponents — not so successfully destabilized our democracy and ended our world leadership.

Thanks to him, we have an unhinged, unfit president praised by Nazis, who lies preposterously and perpetually.

Never more than when he says the tax bill will “cost me a fortune, believe me.”

Call your Republican Senator/s (202-224-3121) and/or Congressperson (202-225-3121).  We just need a few of them to put their constituents ahead of their donors.

The last thing we should be doing is increasing the National Debt to lower taxes on the rich while our infrastructure continues to decay.  How is that smart or responsible in any way?

And no, it will not create jobs — it could well move more of them overseas.

OK.  Made your voice heard?

Now watch Elizabeth Blackburn’s wonderful TED talk.



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