But first . . .

Anybody know Merrick Garland?  If so, please forward this.  (Sure, he’s probably already seen it; but still.)

And now . . .

It’s hard not to love this heartwarming story of Secret Santa handing out C-notes.

But anyone who does find it heartwarming, it seems to me, should be supporting initiatives like Build Back Better that would greatly reduce the need for charity.

A Secret Santa so rare he makes the national news — or even ten thousand of them who don’t — can’t possibly make a dent in the struggle so many of our countrymen and their children face.

The pendulum has swung too far in favor of the ultra-rich at the expense of the working poor.  Seeing the difference $100 bills make in their lives just makes vividly clear how urgently justice — and our success as a nation — demand we get that pendulum swinging back toward shared prosperity.  Even if it means corporations and billionaires have to pay income tax at rates similar to what you and I pay.


The Boys, by Ron and Clint Howard.  I never watched either the Andy Griffith Show nor Gentle Ben, but what a warm, absorbing story their child stars, now 67 and 62, tell.



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