This is the story of a horrific bus crash and 15 victims who were rushed to my friend’s trauma unit. You will not be bored. Gosh, I’m proud to know this man. (Fourteen of the 15 were saved.) His sexual orientation is of little importance but perhaps worth noting (this is Gay Pride month, after all). Hard to understand why anyone would want to deny him (or anyone) equal rights.


I know nothing, except that with the stock back down to $5.53 last night, and silt continuing to build (that’s just what silt does), this could be a good time to buy some for the long-term, if you haven’t already.


Monness Crespi Hardt, a boutique research firm, issued a report yesterday raising its target for YMI shares to $6. (Suggested here at $1.65 six months ago, it has roughly doubled to close at $3.26 last night.) Guru says he agrees with their analysis. I wouldn’t rush to buy more here; but I’m very happy holding the shares I bought at $1.65.


The Prague Airport was singled out for excellence Monday. IATA made the award in part “for its technological development (the introduction of self-service kiosks and WheelTug – Prague Airport being the first airport in the world to support the latter novel technology, which allows aircraft to use built-in electric motors, etc., when taxiing between the terminals and runways).” I know. I know. But still.


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