So Saudi women are going to be able to drive — a small but hopeful sign.

Islam is at war with itself.  It is desperately in the world’s interest to have the forces of modernization win.

With that in mind, I commend this remarkable 6-minute clipShiite clergyman calls on Muslims to imitate Jews, who “were killed and burned” by the Nazis, but emerged to win “respect of the world through science.”

“If it’s real,” I wrote Parvez Sharma (A Sinner In Mecca), “how do we get every Muslim in the world to see it?”

He did some checking and reported that yes, this man is a Shia cleric and, yes, the clip has been subtitled accurately. But no it’s not gone viral.

To me, at least, it’s beyond fascinating.  Does one of you know how to upload it to YouTube?

Tikkun Olam.



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