I am neutral among all the fine Democrats contemplating a run for President.  Truly.

In 2008, the Obama folks were all certain the DNC was in the tank for Clinton; the Clinton folks were all certain we were in the tank for Obama.  Which suggested we did a pretty good job of remaining neutral.  (It was actually easy, because both were such completely compelling choices.  Even privately, in the voting booth, I was torn.)

That said, should Hillary win, she will enter the White House with an exceptional intellect; an extraordinary knowledge of the presidency; a track record of working across the aisle in the Senate; a deep knowledge of foreign affairs; working relationships with scores of her fellow world leaders; and policy positions that favor the 99%, while embracing science, diversity, and investment.

And as I read this profile of Robby Mook, 35, tapped to run her campaign, I’m thinking: you know what?  She just might win.



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