Yesterday’s comment was a bit grim, so – for balance:


. . . that’s what people say / We’re here to say that nuns are fun / Perhaps a bit risqué! / Dum-dum-dum da dum-dum-dum / Dee dum-dum dum da dum . . . I’ve made just so much money on this effervescent PLAY!

It all started 25 years ago with some ‘nun’ greeting cards . . . and then a $5-a-seat production of a musical someone took me to see about a nun talent show (to raise money to bury the 52 sisters accidentally poisoned by the bum vichyssoise – but you see? Already, I’m getting sucked into the story line) . . . and then the off-Broadway production in which, by some miracle, I got to make an investment . . . and then spin-offs (Nunsense II: The Second Coming, ‘funnier than ever,’ affirmed the Indianapolis News; Nunsense Jamboree, ‘still holds up its end of the bargain,’ chuckled the Moline Dispatch; Nuncrackers, ‘the perfect antidote to A Christmas Carol,’ pronounced the New York Times; Meshuggah-Nuns, ‘knee-deep in shtick,’ kvelled American Jewish World; Nunsensations, ‘hits the jackpot!’ raved the Minneapolis Star Tribune; and, of course, Nunsense A-men, with its all-male cast – ‘a genuine blessing,’ swooned the Times) . . .

. . . and now, my friends, right up there with Dollywood and the Alamo for the list of attractions on your summer road trip, there’s the All-Nunsense Theater opening May 11 in Martinez, California . . . non-stop Nunsense, and even a small museum.

Click here for a little song and dance.


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