But I guess when there was no column yesterday, you figured that out.

It was quite a weekend, this Congress of Wonders, but start with this: Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay, with which the weekend led off, along with a talk-back with the film’s producers — and the star himself.

The film is free, I think, with Amazon Prime, so right there you’re thousands of dollars ahead of me of what I spent to see it.  And, while you may have the same question after seeing it that I did — “Is there anyone else in the world who knows how you did that trick with the two dollar bill in the shower?” — he won’t bite your head off for asking it.

(He rubs two dollar bills together with his finger tips and produces a $2 bill.  He had astounded some co-workers with it, years ago, and a few weeks later they accosted him in the shower — one assumes, naked and unprepared — and handed him two $1 bills.  He rubbed them together and handed back a $2 bill.)

More to tell.  This column will grow longer in the coming days.



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