Lifelong conservative George Will left the Republican Party in horror over Trump’s first years in office.  Here he offers his choice for V.P.: Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo.

And he’s not the only Republican voice speaking out for Democrats this November.  Take John McCain’s senior campaign strategist Steve Schmidt.  Like your fellow readers Carl and Tom, Schmidt hoped McCain would beat Obama.  “That makes his current thoughts even richer,” writes a friend.  Five minutes.

And I’m sure you’ve seen these three Republican-created Lincoln Project ads.

Lew:  “I play golf with a bunch of Republicans. Afterward, we always talk politics. They have no facts but great conviction. They believe that the Democrats are going to take away what they have worked so hard to earn — and waste it. They don’t care about anything else.  But things are beginning to change. One, a former FBI agent, has become a rabid Trump hater. He attacks my golfing friends with great vigor. It’s actually unpleasant but fascinating.  Another, the wife of a Trumper, openly stopped supporting her husband on this issue.”

And speaking of golf!

Robert: “I heard Ted Cruz on TV a while back saying that, being from Houston, he knows energy companies and their boards.  And implying that Hunter Biden’s election to Burisma’s board was corrupt.  He said he didn’t know of anyone on an energy company board without experience in the energy field.  Well, I worked for a Fortune 500 semiconductor company for many years and know that one of its goals was board diversity, not only in gender, race, etc. but also in background.  Many if not most of our board members were from outside the electronics field.  So I wondered if this were also true for energy companies.  I did a quick search on Exxon-Mobil (XOM board of directors).  It appears to me that exactly none of their board members, except the CEO, comes from the energy field.  Ted Cruz = Fake News.”

Ted Cruz is awful.  You know who else?

Lindsey Graham — in 80 seconds.

Or in this graphic (I know it’s a little mean, but after watching those 80 seconds it’s hard not to think a little meanness is warranted):

As I said at the start of this long weekend: let us remember today all those who gave their lives for our democracy . . . for a free press . . . for an independent judiciary . . . for the separation of powers . . . for the rule of law . . . for decency and dignity and honor . . . and do all we can to assure they did not die in vain.



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