More than 3 million seniors are graduating high school this month . . .

. . . nearly all of them old enough to buy an assault weapon, none of them old enough to buy lawn darts.

(The sale of lawn darts was banned at the end of the Reagan/Bush administration.)

Republicans want to be sure all 3-plus million 18-year-olds can buy AR-15’s.

What if all of them did each year?

Kind of a rite of passage — your diploma and your AR-15.

Of course, phrasing it this way is typical left-wing hysteria, since all 3 million won’t.

But should we be worried about the few who will?

What, after all,  motivates an 18-year-old to want an assault weapon?

What if we restricted the sale of military-grade weapons to well-regulated police forces, well-regulated National Guard units, and, if need be, well-regulated shooting ranges?

I’ve got to think most Republicans would agree that’s reasonable.

The hearings begin Thursday in prime time.

I, for one, would like to know who attempted to overthrow our government.

When you kill, imprison, or otherwise prevent a duly-elected head of state from taking office, that’s a coup, no?

Who aided, who abetted, and how.


Interesting Maps.



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