Went to hear Leonard Cohen last night, quite possibly the coolest 78-year-old on the planet.  Seven encores . . . no column today.

But check out his music?  Bob Dylan meets Tom Waits meets the Doors meets Judy Collins (because he seems to cover so many of her songs, except of course it turns out he wrote those songs and she covered them).  My favorites — in order, more or less — The Future (Repent!), Anthem, Hallelujah, Suzanne, Closing Time . . . so many.

Cohen’s business manager looted almost his entire $5 million retirement account late in life — cautionary tale! — but the silver lining is that it probably accounts for his touring again.

Unlike Frankie Valli — also 78 — Cohen lip-synched not a syllable of his three-hour concert.


If you liked yesterday’s clips on marriage, here’s a re-link to Macklemore’s Same Love.


Jim Leff:  “Are you still holding OSIR? No blog updates in over a year.”

I’m selling, actually.  It’s up about 50% (or 90% if you bought it at second mention), but not what we had hoped.



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