I know: TED.  Just so much!  Maybe Friday.

In the meantime . . .


Victor: “Did you see this piece?  ‘There’s A Reality About Hillary Clinton That Many Liberals Need To Face.’  Sounds like he has been reading your blog.”

So it does.  Though, frankly, as a Hillary fan (and neutral until we have a nominee), I’m not eager to “press” her on anyone 593 days in advance.  (I’m also a Bernie Sanders fan and a Martin O’Malley fan, and certainly an Elizabeth Warren fan.)  If Hillary does run, and does win the nomination, we should remember to trot that link out in about 540 days — and then re-run it every day until November 8, 2016.


I never really paid much attention — just as it always surprises me when people notice I’m left-handed — tons of people are left-handed just as tons of people are red-headed (though, interestingly, no redheads are left-handed*) — but the first 7-minute episode of Redheads Anonymous web series was released on St. Patrick’s Day and it’s fun.  Especially for me, because I’ve known its star and creator star since she was two.

Meanwhile, in the more purely superficial department, there was this red hot exhibition last fall.  (Why am I so embarrassed about being superficial?  I should own it.  Wear it like a badge.  Look at these guys!  Click here for even more.)


*I assume that’s not true; I just thought it sounded funny.  If 10% of Americans are left-handed (though 30% are apparently mixed-handed — I write with my left hand but throw with my right arm) . . . and if 4% are redheaded (I saw an estimate of 2%-6%, which probably has more to do with defining how red you have to be to qualify, or else how could the range be so broad?) . . . then 1 of every 250 Americans is a redheaded leftie.  More than a million!



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