“Does Bill’s ‘idiot-proof’ generator contain an embedded microprocessor? Is it Y2K certified?” – James Keenan

“Honda does make great generators. I have a little 700-watt model that is enough to run my computer and a few lights, or, if it’s cold, just a little space heater. It’s been a work horse, and when I worked at home on my computer, it paid for itself in one winter (with frequent power outtages [sic]).” – Seraphim Larsen

“Can’t afford it, and don’t have a place to put it, but for the only way to go with emergency power generation check out: Unbelievable.” – Jim Cobbs

[I did. Talk about the ultimate in disaster protection! Don’t miss the $1,900 food/fuel package, either. Enough food to last your family of four more than a year. If we need that, we in big trouble. I am persuaded that the power outages in 2000, if any, will most likely be relatively few and short-lived. At first, all the power plants are likely to be taken OFF grid, so problems at one don’t cause problems at another. This could make for brownouts or outages in certain localities. But then, as it proves safe to do so, plants could be added back onto the interconnected national system. – A.T.]

“Here is the best web site I know for ‘Non-grid’ living [non power grid, that is] — It doesn’t have your generator bike but lots of other cool ‘Solar’ stuff.” – Dave Dierking


“My ex-boyfriend runs his whole apartment off of bicycle and solar power. (Their electric bills are about $2 a month!!!) He mounted a bicycle onto a stationary adapter (so he can still use his bike) and pedals about an hour a day to get full power. I don’t know the details on how to do it, but I know it can be done!” – Prefers Anonymity


“Your list of web sites was pretty good. But here’s one you left out. It links a lot of the news services in the search for stock related news:” – Elliott


“I do believe coffee tastes different in a glass than a ceramic cup. However, though it pains me environmentally, I think the best comes in a paper cup.” – Dana Canzano


“I have an 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter so the ‘penny dish’ rules are real to me, because I have to be able to rationalize what I’m doing at EVERY moment to them. Our rules are, 1 or 2 pennies is okay, never any more than that because it would seem to [sic] much like taking other people’s money which is WRONG. All rules eventually find their root in the ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ basis.” – Jim Strickland

“Need a penny? Take a penny. Need two? Get a job.” – Ray Van Tassle


“You say you haven’t heard of DeJager? He was one of the first to make a big deal of Y2K. He now spends all his time traveling around giving talks, consulting, etc. on the subject. He also started (and may still run) the web site that is the first place to start with Y2K questions: Personally I would rather listen to Ed Yourdon (25 books and 30 years in data processing) whose last book, ‘Time Bomb 2000,’ covers the waterfront; or Ed Yardeni of Deutsche Bank who has a good feel for the economic impact. Both have web sites.” – Jim Cobbs



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