Much of the fun of writing this daily comment is the daily feedback. Herewith, a sampling:

With respect to the comment about my Rastafarian employee who’d been arrested for possessing a pound of marijuana — is society best served by paying to put such people in jail, I wondered? — came this sensible reply:

“I haven’t smoked (pot) in years and don’t want my granddaughter to, but the current system has proven ineffective and is a waste of tax dollars. If we are trying to protect people from themselves by making marijuana illegal, then what the hell does a drug bust do to their life?! (Never mind screwing up what could have been a fine day.)”

(As it turned out, the marijuana was confiscated and the charges dropped.)

With respect to my Jacqueline Onassis letter to Rudolf Nureyev, where I asked whom Jackie might have been referring to when she said, “Caroline is so jealous of Tina” — who was Tina? — one of you answered:

“Christina — Onassis’s daughter.” You kindly omitted . . . “you moron” . . . from your message, but you would have been fully entitled to think it.

Finally, with respect to baked potatoes, one of you wrote:

“Substitute parsley or chives for “lots of salt” and try the Light & Lively V-8, and I’ll give you a big Aaa…men!”

Another of you wrote:

“Think how much money you would save if you put that big potato in the same glass with the V8. Not only will it save on dish washing detergent, salt and pepper, you wouldn’t have to worry about burning the roof of your mouth.”


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