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From the Borowitz Report:

Nader Warns Bloomberg Not to Run
Only Room for One Egomaniac in Race, Activist Says

Not so fast.

That was the message delivered today to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg by consumer activist Ralph Nader, who warned Mr. Bloomberg, ‘If some egomaniac is going to jump in and screw up this election, it’s going to be me.’

Mr. Nader established an exploratory committee for a presidential bid today to let Mr. Bloomberg know that there was ‘only room for one self-absorbed gas-bag in the 2008 race.’

At a press conference in Washington, Mr. Nader said that voters who are looking for someone to spoil the 2008 election should be suspicious of Mr. Bloomberg’s motives: ‘Michael Bloomberg has a track record of winning elections, not screwing them up.’

In contrast, Mr. Nader said, ‘I know how hard it is to wreck an election, and I am prepared to put in the long hours necessary to mess this one up big-time.’ . . .

And now


‘If Americans were to reduce meat consumption by just 20 percent it would be as if we all switched from a standard sedan to the ultra-efficient Prius.’ That and other assertions in this important New York Times story give us all the more reason to tilt our consumption back toward pasta, pizza, and eggplant parmesan.

(Okay, and egg white omelets, salads, tomato and mozzarella with basil and extra virgin olive oil, a little salt and pepper . . . mmm, mmm!)

It’s amazing the impact of a hamburger on our environment.

And it’s probably not that great for your arteries, either.

It’s time we all read this story and found our own happy medium. For some, this might mean replacing beef with chicken much of the time (it takes 7 pounds of grain to make a pound of beef, but only 3 pounds of grain to make a pound of chicken). For others, it might mean replacing chicken with ‘grain’ much of the time (it rather obviously takes just 1 pound of grain to make a pound of grain) – namely, all those dread carbohydrates like bread and pasta that I avoid. For still others, it might mean eating less (haven’t you been telling everybody you need to lose five pounds?).

Anyway, if you’re not already a vegan (and I’m not), this is one of the most interesting articles you’ll read all year. (For example: coming soon, it says: ‘meat without feet.’)

Seriously. Click this.

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