Not “Steal This Book,” Abbey Hoffman’s famous act of rebellion that I just started for the first time a minute ago, fifty years late, when I went to grab the link for this sentence (Chapter One: Free Food) and down upon which I now frown.  I’m all for free food and clever writing, but larceny and theft . . . not so much.

And not “Buy This Book Or We’ll Shoot This Dog,” a threat that — thankfully — is all bark and no bite.

This book: Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, by Isabel Wilkerson, a #1 New York Times best-seller rated five stars on Amazon.  (An absorbing listen, as well.)

You may have skipped it — like me until recently — thinking it sounded a little heavy, and, well, I already get it.

But it’s heavy in the most important way.  And there’s so much I didn’t know.

Caste should be required reading for every high school senior . . . not to mention liberal Boomers like me.  And libertarians.  And independents.  And Christians.  And Republicans.

It could not be more relevant to the crossroads at which we find ourselves today.

Oprah and 21,000 Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong.

Go for it.

Have a great weekend.  Abe Lincoln would have turned 212 today.  And it’s 2/12/21!



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